All-New Personal Transporters: Innovation In Motion

You've been here before, but only in your imagination. You�re gliding on air, above the crowd with a clear view of everything ahead. At the same time, you're with the crowd in perfect sync. No obstacles. No barriers. You find yourself traveling farther and seeing more. Go fast. Go slow. Go anywhere. This is how you envision travel sometime in the future, but this isn't the transportation of tomorrow, it's Segway today!

The new Segway i2  and Segway x2  models are driven by breakthrough LeanSteer� technology, which takes riding to a whole new level. Also the wireless InfoKey� controller, which powers the unit on and off and allows the rider to set his speed, includes an anti-theft system and provides useful trip information.


Can you visualize a world without lines at the gas pump?

Imagine never having to sit in stopped traffic?

Never have to worry about missing the 5:30 train because you�re running late at work?

These issues all disappear  with the Segway PT . Just step on your Segway PT, enjoy your day, and take control of your commute.



* Enjoy a stress-free commute, free from public transportation schedules.

* Utilize a singular door-to-door transportation solution.
* Far less expensive to own than an automobile, saving thousands of dollars on fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking.
 * Indoors or out, the Segway PT provides intuitive mobility no matter where your daily commute takes you.